Hanging Out

Lately I have been all in on this new hanging tile idea!  The idea arose when I was thinking of making a line of coasters for my new etsy shop and thought that they would make a great, yet simple wall decoration. I then thought of the best way to design my new line of Ceramic Tile Wall Art Decor.  I wanted to go with a more modern and clean approach that was a bit different then the rustic look of my state of Georgia Wooden Wall Planks.  I decided to use 3/16″ clothesline instead of the all natural twine.  It gave my new listings a more defined look.

Next I needed to figure out a way in which my design would not scuff up the walls and countertops of my customers living spaces.  I went with the use of a small rounded adhesive cork application to the back side of the tile and even added a couple of wine cork cutouts to add some character!  Thus my design was created and ready to be listed in my etsy shop!

I take pride in my product shots.  There is not a whole lot of opportunity in life where you are able to manipulate your surroundings to get the pristine look and result you are aiming for.  This is why I love taking product shots.  You can take a simple shot and make it into something pleasant and free from imperfections.  I eliminate unwanted light and add artificial light in order to achieve the exact look I am going for.  I want my customers to see my product for what it truly is.  Changing the backdrops and adding in set dressing is another way in which to keep the new product shots coming in fresh and appealing.  These in particular I was going for a clean and simple theme.  I wanted to showcase my new line of Ceramic Tile Wall Art Decor in a way that represented my listings best.  Also I photographed my new listings in the hanging position as well as in the resting position to give the shopper insight on how and where to position their tile!  All in all it has been a fun ride creating these new miniature works of art and I hope you enjoy them!  They would be a perfect way to accent your home with a little low country charm.  Follow the link below to explore my shop and see all the listings I have to offer. Thanks friends !


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Getting Crafty in the Studio

How to make quality and creative Wall Art!

This weeks Blog Post is based around my new etsy wooden wall art listings.  I am going to take you step by step on the development of these simple, yet detailed home wall art decor plaques!

 So I was planning my next project in my studio and I was starting to narrow down the search.   I wanted something that was appealing, creative and above all unique.  I’ve worked with wood in the past and it is by far one of my favorite materials.  I love the rustic feel and look of wood art!  I decided to try my hand at developing some new wooden signs that you could hang up in your living area to be used as home decor.  I decided to go small with 4″x7″ wooden planks in order to expand the potential placements of the wooden art decorations.  With a smaller product you could hang it in various places such as above your coffee pot, on your refrigerator or if you wanted to decorate a small bathroom area you could make that happen as well!  So I ordered all the materials listed below!

  • 4″x7″ wooden planks. -Used primarily for cooking fillets of Salmon and Steak Cuts-
  • Super Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Twine
  • Sanding Block
  • White Paint
  • Bobby Pins
  • 4×4 Still Nature Photography Prints
  • State of Georgia Template
  • Sharpie Markers of Various Sizes

Step One

Utilize the sanding block to sand down edges of wooden planks. Note: Make sure sanding block is not too rough, but rough enough to leave a smooth finish around corners and edges.

crafty 1

Step Two

Use a paint brush to paint the wooden planks. Note: Make sure to cover both sides as well as edges and corners.  This is by far the messiest and most time consuming portion of the craft so plan accordingly.

crafty 2

Step Three

Wait for paint to dry and then use Mod Podge to paste the image onto the newly painted wooden planks!

crafty 3

Step Four

Utilize the remaining white space on the wooden plank by tracing a symbol next to the image . After it is dry put another coat of Mod Podge on top of the entire plank in order to seal the image.

color jetty close up

Final Step

Now the tricky, yet creative process of attaching the twine to make your wood art officially a hanging wood art piece!  I really had to think about the proper solution to the problem of hanging my wood art, and I believe my solution is both crafty and creative.  I decided to use bobby pins.  I would have never guessed that bobby pins would be my solution, but they worked so perfectly.  I used super glue to both glue the bobby pins to the back of the wooden planks and also glue the twine to the bobby pins themselves.  It turned out that 10” of twine was the perfect amount to cut off for the mount!  It was a hilarious, yet confident end to a day of crafting and I am so happy with the finished product.


So there you have it a new etsy listing is born!   I hope you enjoyed my short yet revealing insight into my esty studio!  Please take a look at my recently updated website http://www.stillnautrellc.com as well as my store!>> https://www.etsy.com/shop/StillNatureLLC